2023 100th Yr Anniversary

Past class kings & queens during halftime presentation of football game. 

Tom & Marcia during halftime presentation. 

Tom Thompson (1959), Marilyn Lutke & Bob Katsma (1960)

Tom & Marcia during king & queen presentations at halftime.

Ray Velding (with camera), Carole Velding, Pat Sanders, Lynette & Steve Kreuger

Carole & Ray Velding

Jim Schwartz

Lynette & Steve Krueger

Art Kraai

Lynnette with Terry Rice

Marcia Looman with sister Sharon

Pat Sanders & Lynnette Krueger

Marcia with sister Sharon, Tom Nauta, Dan Nauta, Rachael Kamradt

Carole Velding & Barb Cole

Kathy Misiak (Stolk)

Past kings and queens

1960s decade class members

Ray's photos are below:

Tom Thompson

Tom Nauta

Tom & Marcia

Presentation of each class king and queen

The crowd in the stands.

Steve & Lynnette

Tom Thompson

Bob Katsma


2023 Lee homecoming king and queen.

Jim Schwartz

Open house in the gym.

Open house in the gym. 

Tom socializing!

Marcia at the open house. 

Pat, Linda, Fred at the open house.

Fred (Carole Velding with back turned)

Fred at open house.

Tom talking to Steve Waalkes. 

Jim Groendyke & Tom Thompson

All kings and queens.

Queen from 1940's!