How to register

This website is designed for the use and communications of the Lee High School class of 1966. We are in the process of contacting as many of our classmates as possible to join the website. If you know of anyone on the "Missing Classmates" page, please notify them of our website ( It is free to all class members. Information on this site except for a couple of areas, i.e. "In Memory," can only be seen by registered class members or registered guests. 

How to register.....

As a graduated classmate, simply find your name in the Profile page and complete the information. If you are a former faculty member, former classmate who didn't graduate with the class in 1966,  or friend/family of a 1966 classmate, we can add you as a guest....Click the "contact us" link, and it will open a message box which will help get you signed up as a guest member. All who registger will receive an email with notification of your joining.

What is this website for?

We have created this website to be the reunion contact site and a comunnication source for our class! 

Please note the "Missing Classmates" section. Until a member of the class creates a profile they will be considered missing on this site. If you have contact information for any of your classmates who appear to be missing, please let them know about the site or email Fred Cole ( or Tom Nauta (  with the contact information.

We would also like to honor our classmates who have passed away in the "In Memory" section. We will update this area with all of the information that we have.  If you have any information about our deceased classmates that you would like to add, please let us know.

This website is currently being maintained by Fred Cole. Please contact him at  if you have any questions or problems.